Auplex Large Size Pneumatic Auto Dual Heated Rosin Heat Press Machine with Slide-out Bottom FZLC B5-2

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Large size press, dual heated plates, high pressure.

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Factory Price Available 10000 lbs /20000 lbs 10 ton/20 ton Pressure Pneumatic dual heat plate high temperature rosin Press Machine

1.The press can provide double sides heating.high pressure and accurate timing.
2.Using for pressing oil, printing textiles and other materials may be used on food, t-shirts, mouse pads, puzzles, ceramic tiles, and other flat surfaces items by using the flex, flocking, transfer printing paper, sublimation blanks etc.

3.Full size printing

How to Set Temp&Time

1.Press on the on / off switch
2.Touch screen Set temperature

3 Touch screen Set time

4.Put objects when the machine has reached the desired temperature, press two start buttons
on left and right side,machine close down, waiting time.
5.When times up, heating plates will rise up automatic, take out printing items.
6.Press green button on left side besides controller to make whole machine lower, and press green button on right side besides controller to make whole machine higher

What does Rosin Press Do
What is Rosin?
Rosin is a simple but powerful method for plant oil extraction. Originally, the technique was developed for a wholly different purpose—the lubrication of violin bows.

Rosin works through the application of heat and pressure, and may be used on flowers, kief, or plants. Is rosin the same as shatter?The resulting product can be quite similar, and can certainly rival shatter in terms of quality. Indeed, it may be far more pure.

The problem with other extraction methods is that they require you to introduce propane, butane, or other light hydrocarbons into your flowers while you are processing it. Once initial processing is complete, these impurities remain, so you must then subject the product to a further purge process.

Even after that is complete, chances are good there will still be some leftover hydrocarbons in your plant oil. Needless to say, that is not something you want to put in your body.

The rosin press removes the hydrocarbons from the picture entirely. Since they are never introduced in the first place, there is no need to purify your oil afterward—it is already pure.

In all other respects, the product the rosin press produces is virtually impossible to tell apart from shatter. It has the same
clear, amber-like appearance, and it is comparable in terms of scent as well as flavor. It also is just as rich in terpenes.

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